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Precalificas para ambos programas de beneficios. Eso incluye los benificios OTC de $1,200 y la devolución mensual de $148.50

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Disclaimer: is a referral source that provides information and access to a helpline to match consumers with companies that may provide certain insurance coverage to them. does not act as an insurance broker and does not make decisions about insurance coverage that may be available to you. doesn’t promise a specific outcome or the results you may achieve by calling the helpline. The helpline is free to call but the services or programs that you pursue may have costs associated with them. Neither nor any of the supplemental insurance plans to which you may be connected are endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program.

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*Certain Medicare beneficiaries may be able to qualify for help paying their Part-B Premium ($170.10 as of 2022) under the respective State’s Medicaid or Medical Assistance Program. Our partners will guide and assist medicare beneficiaries with their applications and initial eligibility screening, but the beneficiary’s relevant state agency has the final say in determining eligibility. Provision of any financial information to our partners is completely optional and doesn’t affect your enrollment eligibility. Residents of certain regions may also be able to qualify for the Part-B Buyback Plan which covers up to $135 of the Medicare recipient’s Part-B Premium.

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